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We're the experts that help you innovate and develop people centred strategies & plans to solve complex workforce & people challenges. 
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We know that every workforce challenge is complex. From human factors to contextual challenges, we have a tried and test methodology to understand the true scope of the challenge and enable the development of strategies & plans which are realistic and affordable.

Why choose us

We uniquely combine a deep understanding of complex workforce challenges in health & social care, a comprehensive range of evidence-based solutions tailored to your needs, a proven track record in translating policies, optimising workforce capacity and driving data-driven decision-making.

Our ability to deliver results at all levels, from national & regional strategies to local operational delivery, sets us apart, ensuring better outcomes for your organisation, people and populations.


Our expertise spans from the national to the local level, ensuring that healthcare providers, trusts and agencies can achieve their workforce-related goals efficiently and effectively.

Social Care

Whether planning, commissioning or providing care, we work across the sector and understand the unique context of delivering care whilst driving for integration in a disparate system. 

Integrated Care Systems

Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by Integrated Care Systems. This includes strategic workforce planning, policy translation, people asset mapping, data-driven insights to optimise workforce capacity and capability and much more.

Supporting your internal specialists develop

We offer a range of Workforce Planning courses, both strategic and operational, to help everyone in your organisation. With a focus on developing your internal specialists in workforce planning to enable a sustainable solution to the ever changing landscape, through to wider stakeholder training to enable a better understanding of workforce planning in your organisation.
“We guide our clients through workforce puzzles, when there's a missing piece 'the art of imperfect science' helps us progress and highlight solutions.”

Matt Morris

Director of Workforce & Organisational Development
Health & Social Care Consulting Services

Tried, tested & proven

Our consultants years of experience across economics, finance, human resources and operational transformation drive our structured methodology to understand your unique context & drivers for change and identify a solution to your workforce challenge that can succeed within your constraints.

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See what our clients have to say!

"Alison demonstrated an outstanding ability to understand how the partnership was working and steer the programme rapidly to enable us to achieve the results that were urgently needed."

Ian Stidston

Director of Primary Care & Partnership Commissioning, South East Essex

"The model 10 year demand and supply model... provides a very useful evidence base to support the work programme to deliver more effective local career pathways into nursing. 
I would like to thank you for the extensive research, facilitation & analysis that you have undertaken"

Nick Robinson

Chief Officer,
Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group

"They showed that they understood the nuance of decision making in primary care and in medicine more generally, which does not always easily match the more binary processes of establishing pathways and contracts. For this reason, they established a high level of trust with the other clinicians... who worked with them."

Dr F B Coward, Clinical Lead for Planned Care

North West Surrey CCG

"... invaluable in the work across the BOB Integrated Care System as it formed. The system [needed] population-based workforce modelling to support workforce and education spend decisions. They developed the programme of work from the ground up and delivered on time and to cost."

Juliet Anderson

Director of Delivery & Performance, HEE South East

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