About us

We're the experts that help you develop people centred strategies & plans to solve complex workforce challenges. 

Who we are

Our strength stems from a dynamic blend of strategic insight and hands-on operational expertise. Each team member has played a direct role in transformative health and social care initiatives. With our combined experience in technology-driven innovations and a deep grasp of finance and economics, we are exceptionally positioned to assist you with your complex challenges.
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Our purpose

Working in partnership with you - our health and social care clients - we provide consultancy and modelling expertise. Recognising the complex contextual challenges of applied workforce planning, we empower your staff with the skills needed through training & development, building sustainable workforce planning capability.

Meet our team

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Alison Alsbury

Chief Executive &
Strategic Economist

With an illustrious career spanning diverse sectors, Alison has particularly shone in the health and social care landscape over the past 20 years. Her journey began in European strategic consulting, transitioning to utilities, regeneration and public-private partnerships. Her unmatched experience encompasses roles at NHSE, the Department of Health, local authorities and key NHS Trust board positions. She has overseen mergers in public and voluntary sectors, as well as leading system and acute turnarounds. Her board level experience includes joint health and social care appointments, focussing on Mental Health & Community Services.
She has led our team to co-produce multiple actionable integrated workforce plans. Alison's current specialisation lies in system resource allocation and workforce planning, showcasing her adeptness at managing transformative change in complex environments.
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Matt Morris

Director of Workforce & Organisational Development

Matt has been working across the UK's Health and Care sectors for the past 18 years, collaborating with a broad range of institutions from NHS trusts to third sector providers. Specialising in organisational development & transformation, Matt simplifies the intricate triad of demand, capacity, and supply for workforce planning, enabling actionable, strategic, and risk-based solutions. His ability in stakeholder management, workforce analysis, and scenario modelling was crucial in aiding health providers during the COVID pandemic, ensuring adaptable workforce strategies during demand surges. Originally rooted in finance, Matt's career pivoted to HR after gaining his CIPD qualifications. He's worked on transformative projects with prominent brands, notably leading Sky's workforce overhaul for their Supply Chain &  Home Service function during the 2 year development of Sky Q.  Matt's experience also includes being a Foster Carer, a 999 First Responder, and a Public Governor of an NHS Trust.

Associate Health Care Professionals

We have a network of experience clinicians who work on specific projects where their expertise is required, these include nurses paramedics, midwives, speech & language therapists & other AHPs.

Associate Workforce Analysts

Our team of workforce analysts support projects ranging from individual team redesign exercises to whole system health & care modelling. They operate across multiple platforms including MS Excel, Tableau, PowerBI and have experience of many HRIS platforms.

Associate Policy Specialists

Areas covered include; education & training, apprenticeships, capital programmes (new hospitals, diagnostics community hubs, etc) and more.
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